Enviro Blasting

Enviro blasting is a revolutionary concept that ensures significant economic savings as well as providing a superior clean. The consumption of media is reduced by almost 60% and the water per area unit is significantly reduced compared to similar methods. Another benefit is a 95% dust reduction This ensures minimized or no containment, and no dust collectors or negative pressure.

The enviro blasting process is the equivalent of dust free sandblasting.

Any media that is heavier than water can be utilized via this process. The unique pumping system contained in the enviro blast system allows the use of blast media that can remove coatings, as well as creating new surface profiles that conform to the standards issued by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) for coatings specifications.

Ideal for…

  • Graffti
  • Monuments
  • Painted brick
  • Building exteriors
  • Historical renovation
  • Projects

The Enviro Blasting Three Punch Combo!

Each grain of media is encapsulated in a water jacket. In traditional media blasting the only impact is when the dry grain strikes the surface. The power of the enviro blaster comes from the 3 Punch Combo.

Punch 1: The leading edge of the water jacket strikes the surface and initiates the cleaning process.

Punch 2: The media impacts the surface performing the bulk of the cleaning work.

Punch 3: The rear edge of the water jacket impacts the cleaning site finishing the removal.

Blasting Media

Some of the blasting media we use include:

– Sand

– Baking Soda

– Garnet

– Crushed Glass

– Aluminum Oxide

Various surfaces require different forms of treatment, but most abrasive forms of media have limited applications.

Persistent stains and deposits on sensitive surfaces can be extremely aggravating. Enviro blasting guarantees that you avoid the risk of damaging these sensitive substrates.
This wet abrasive blasting technology with specifically developed metering valves, allows an individual adjustment to the surface, this means safety as well as peace of mind.

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